UpdateInventoryRs (Response)

Posting a proper UpdateInventoryRq request will result in the output of the updated information in a simple print format (read with stdin). The UpdateInventoryRs is the response to the UpdateInventoryRq request and contains the status and details for the updated / modified items. Please note that the “Status” tag is placed inside each item's node. If there is an error in any of the items' inventory update, the remaining items will still get processed. The Status of your request will be shown for each item separately.

Sample Response:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<UpdateInventoryRs RequestID="1">
		<ErrorDescription>The SKU "XYZ7iB" was not found in the product database.</ErrorDescription>

Response Fields

Tag Name Sub-Tag Of Description Returned Field Type Can Repeat
Item UpdateInventoryRs Each Item's response Node Always Node True
SKU Item The SKU of the Current Item Always String False
Status Item The Inventory Change Status for the Item Always String
QtyInStock Item Returns the item's Qty in Stock after the update Only if no Error Number False
ErrorDescription Item Describes an error with the update Only if Error String False