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In this PHP example, calling the GetHashSignature function will return the proper hash signature value to connect to the API and submit the request.

// Define the API Variables and Parameters
$apiuser = "efQvdjyar";
$apipass = "IvQ01brhg";
$apikey = "lvPaGd3DXhP17uCF5br8cv0Rt";
$timestamp = gmdate('Y-m-d') . "T" . gmdate('H:i:s') . "Z";

// Call the Function to get the Hash Signature
GetHashSignature($apiuser,$apipass, $apikey, $timestamp)

// Here is the Function
function GetHashSignature($apiuser,$apipass, $apikey, $timestamp) {
	$hash_hmac_data = $apiuser . $apipass . $timestamp;
	$hash_sha1_value = hash_hmac('sha1', $hash_hmac_data, $apikey, true);
	$hash_signature_value = base64_encode($hash_sha1_value);
	return $hash_signature_value;